Tokelau Internet Corner

Welcome to the Tokelau Internet Corner. Teletok, in conjunction with Taloha, is proud to present Internet for Everyone.

Please note the following:

  1. Do not use any beverages behind the computer. Spilling a coke or water would harm the computer equipment.
  2. If any pop-up screen or 'security warning' comes up, please answer NO or click the pop-up screen away.
  3. Do not install any software on the computers. It is prohibited to download software on these public Internet terminals.
  4. Be careful in giving out your email address. Do not give your email address to strangers.

Email (Yahoo)

Email (Hotmail)

News (CNN)

News (BBC)

Search (Google)

Music (Te Vaka)

News (NZ Herald)

Tokelau Registry (Dot TK)

If you have any questions about the Tokelau Internet Service
please contact Taloha, Inc. by email at